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Areas of Practice

Parents can seek pediatric consultations and healthcare advice via telehealth, especially useful for minor ailments and non-emergency concerns.
Remote consultations with specialized physicians, personalized treatment plans, and regular monitoring for effective management of chronic health conditions.
Chronic Disease:
M8dical has expanded its reach across various areas of medical practice, transforming the way healthcare services are delivered. Some of the key areas of practice where M8dical is making a significant impact include following areas.
Virtual consultations, personalized management plans, remote monitoring for convenient support in controlling high blood pressure and promoting cardiovascular health.
Appointments with geriatric specialists, personalized care plans, and medical advice for comprehensive support in addressing senior health concerns and promoting well-being.
Senior Health:
Virtual consultations with travel health experts, personalized advice, vaccinations, and medical recommendations to ensure a safe and healthy journey during travel.
Expert virtual appointments for symptom evaluation, testing guidance, medical advice, and vaccination support, providing convenient and reliable assistance for individuals concerned about COVID-19 and its management.
COVID-19 Treatment:
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  • Dr. Gupta

    Allergies, Immunology, Pediatrics
    Dr. Gupta is triple board-certified and holds certifications from the American Board of Allergy and Immunology, the American Board of Internal Medicine, and the American Board of Pediatrics.
  • Dr. Sehgal

    Internal Medicine
    Dr. Sehgal is board certified in internal medicine and has been practicing medicine for over 22 years. Before transitioning to telehealth, she worked mainly with a multi-specialty healthcare group, providing individualized care to over 2,200 patients.
  • Dr. Guirguis

    Internal Medicine
    Dr. Guirguis earned his D.O. from Nova Southeastern University, College of Osteopathic Medicine. He’s board-certified in Internal Medicine and has a special interest in preventive medicine and nutrition.
  • Dr. Culpepper

    Family Medicine
    Dr. Culpepper has been practicing General Internal Medicine for over 30 years and is guided by his passion to help his patients live healthier lives. He is board-certified in Internal Medicine and also holds a professional degree in pharmacy.
  • Nicole Baldwin, APRN

    Family Medicine
    Nicole is a board-certified, multi-state nurse practitioner specializing in Urgent Care, Primary Care, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Pediatrics, and Orthopedic Trauma.
  • Jackie Rosenhein, APRN

    Family Medicine
    Jackie has worked in healthcare for 30+ years and has been a nurse practitioner for the last five. She loves being able to help her patients through shared decision-making so they can reach their health goals.
  • Dina Whiteaker, APRN

    Family Medicine
    Dina earned her BSN from Methodist College in Omaha. She later graduated from the University of Nebraska Medical Center with an MSN and went on to become a family nurse practitioner. Dina has been working with patients for 12 years.
  • Dr. Puopolo

    Family Medicine
    Dr. Puopolo earned his M.D. from the Boston University School of Medicine. He later completed a combined Family Medicine and Psychiatry residency program in the U.S. Army at Tripler Army Medical Center in Hawaii. Dr. Puopolo has been practicing medicine for 22 years.
  • Laurenmarie Cormier, NP

    Family Medicine
    Laurenmarie began her career as an ER nurse at a level 1 trauma center before transitioning to telemedicine. With a deep foundation in this work, she supports programs that improve patient access to timely and effective care.
  • Harmony Vance, APRN

    Family Medicine
    Harmony has been caring for patients for more than 20 years in various roles in the medical field. In 2018, she graduated with a Master’s of Science Degree with a specialization in Family Nursing.
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